Your Reading Glasses Moderne Monocle – Stylish Magnifier Necklace Novica Necklaces



DO YOUR PARENTS LOSE THEIR READING GLASSES? The perfect gift for mom or dad. Each beautiful magnifier monocle pendant lens is delicately beveled in the shape of a gem.

FREEDOM: Freedom is never having to ask someone to read the menu for you. The perfect gift for mom or dad or anyone who wants the convenience of a magnifier pendant disguised as a pretty necklace.

FASHION: Go to dinner and have a night on the town without digging for your reading glasses. Never look for your readers again as these stylish necklaces feature a magnifying glass pendant.

HIGH QUALITY 14K GOLD: Over a micron of 14k gold plated brass ensures your necklace is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish.

MAGNIFICATION: 3.5X magnification, these pendants are the perfect for a night out on the town and leaving your readers at home.

STYLE: This magnifying pendant necklace is a stylish alternative to reading glasses for women and men.

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