Lesbian Couple Necklaces Women’s Mod Gold-Tone Rectangle Sodalite Stone Earrings Ben-Amun Jewelry



Isaac Manevitz, the designer of Ben-Amun, has been successfully designing and producing his line of high-end fashion jewelry for over 40 years. His jewelry was seen on Jacqueline Kennedy, Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss, Beyonce, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett

Since featured in Vogue, Every Ben Amun Jewelry piece is designed and hand crafted in the heart of New York City??s Fashion District. We pride ourselves on using materials of the highest quality: Gold, Pearls, Swarovski, Silver and Precious stones.

Inspired by the sculptural style that came about in the ?0s, the silhouettes in the Mod Collection are clean and geometric. These minimalist accessories are made from polished pewter giving each piece a cool, reflective shine.

The only embellishments are simple black buttons, emphasizing the pop art era inspiration. Channel your inner Twiggy by adding bangles in black and silver resin to your outfit for a look that??s completely mod.

Materials: 24K Gold Plating Hand Made in New York

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