Gender Reveal Necklaces Stainless Steel Lux Clavicle Faux Diamond Cuff Tennis Choker Necklace



NAME: A Girl’s Best Friend Necklace ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: True diamonds are irresistable and lying perfectly around your neck will make you look like the queen that you are.

MATERIAL: This beautiful high quality choker necklace is adorned with Zircon crystals and set in a white gold plated chain. The weight is perfectly balanced and can be worn everyday. The clasp is easy to work on your own while putting it on. The highest quality is guaranteed.

WEAR WITH: Perfect for everyday wear or for a special occasion. This gorgeous necklace choker also makes the perfect gift for your wife , mom , sister or even your bridesmaids! All our jewelry come in beautiful high-quality boxes that can be kept and re-used.

ECO FRIENDLY: All materials are eco-friendly, Avery & May respect Mother Nature and all her gifts, we embody the spirit of nature by only creating products that dont harm the earth they came from.

CARE INSTUCTIONS: Thoroughly wipe your jewelry with a soft , clean cloth as soon as you remove it. The goal is to remove any oil , salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece. Remove your jewelry before showering , swimming or exercising and always store each piece separately.

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