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?CRAZY LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR AMAZON. This Is A Limited Time Only Deal! This beautiful 18ct (Karat) Gold Overlay 3mm Diamond Cut Gold Figaro Chain is shinny and beautiful! A great option as a Birthday or holiday GIFT for men, women, teens and kids. Comes In Swag Collection LA Designed Velvet Pouch And Gift Box?

?BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS! LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEED ONLY WHEN SOLD BY SWAG COLLECTION LOS ANGELES! Real 18 Karat gold, laid over a heart of semi-precious metals. Comes in sizes of 16 18 20 22 24 27 & 30? We Use over 20mls of 18k (karat) Pure Gold per chain which makes it 10 times more gold than in the cheaper electroplate that changes color quickly.

?WE ONLY USE 18K GOLD (PURE gold which has a distinctive shinny pure gold Look) instead of 10k or 14k! No cheap metals copper (turns green) or nickel which can irritate your Skin, Chains have been tested and they are NICKLE, LEAD and ALLERGY FREE so your skin is safe with our chains.?

?OUR TRADE SECRET IS SEMI-PRECIOUS alloy of the best bonding metals ensures the LOOK OF SOLID GOLD and LONG LIFE of the item. Feel Free to check out our matching Bracelets! ?WE USE LATEST PVD PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY to provide a good gold color and a wear resistant surface. Email us for the different sizes.?

?LIMITED TIME ONLY: 100% FREE UNCONDITIONAL LIFE TIME GUARANTEE AND REPLACEMENT FOR ALL SWAG COLLECTION LA JEWELRY ITEMS! We??re more than just jewelry; Be it 30 days, a year or a decade, you??ll get a new item from us if ever any of our jewelry breaks or simply doesn??t live up to your highest expectations. Buy it once and own it for a lifetime. Due to the fact that each piece is carefully hand made, sizes may vary just a slightly.

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